BSM encourage you to send and share your videos (photos are also welcome).

Feel free to send the link of your ‘already uploaded’ video with the most information possible about your material (names of skaters, filmer, editor, even places and dates could be helpful). You can do this trough private message by facebook, instagram or e-mail.

BSM reviews every video, but we reserve the right to choose the content to post and share.

We hope you can understand that not every video can be posted. You are free to make what ever you want with your videos, it’s your stuff, but not every is meant to be publicly shared (like friends or family videos for example).

Here is a list about some things that BSM takes on mind in order to choose a video most of the time:

  • Material related with skateboarding and Belgium.*
  • Quality of the video (no fuzzy or super shaky clips).
  • Quality and technic of filming and edit (do not abuse of effects, just a personal advice).
  • Level and originality of the skater.
  • Original and new spots are always a plus.
  • Keep just the best material in your edits.
  • Super long videos are less succesfull nowadays, take it on mind.

* We like and respect longboarding/downhill but we do not share this kind of videos here*
** Your video doesn’t have to count with all these facts in order to be selected..
*** BSM is not looking just for perfectly well made videos. We try to support everybody, but we are trying to keep a level and build an interesting site for all of you.

Thanks for your understanding, for your support and sharing your stuff with BSM.

BSM Editor.

For any any inquiries please get in contact at: