By Flatspot Magazine.

Far N High 2023 was once again epic! With skaters from all over the world competing for first place we saw some creative and sick tricks. This time we flew over Rob Ayton from Sk8wine to come and help us with the important interviews. Sit back and relax while you watch this years episode.

Riders: Maurio McCoy, Matias Dell Olio, Remco Erkeland, Adrien Bulard, Jonas Larsen, Yakov Terrell, Kristoffer Kroon, Oscar Meza, Jimmy Damen, Diego Fiorese, Julian Jeang-Agliardi, Wesley Box, Oscar Anderberg, Chase Webb, Alex Decunha, Douwe Macare, Dominick Walker, Julian Christianson, Antoine Laurent, Max Berguin, Ivan Monteiro.
Host: Rob Ayton.

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