By Flatspot Magazine.

Pier Parade was more than just skateboarding. The entire day was accompanied by electrifying performances from different bands and DJs, creating a pulsating atmosphere of energy and excitement. Attendees also enjoyed various side activities, including the thrilling Volcom Dunk Tank and a chance to get some incredible FormulaX wheels courtesy of Bones.

Welcome to the thrilling highlights of Pier Parade 2023, the ultimate skateboard festival held at Pier 15 skatepark! Flatspot Magazine and Nine Yards Skateparks joined forces to bring you an unforgettable event, with support from this year’s amazing sponsors: Volcom, Bones, and Red Bull.

Get ready to witness the mind-blowing obstacle courses tailor-made for each sponsor for the fearless skaters. First up, Bones presented an adrenaline-pumping quarter pipe with a vert extension that pushed the limits higher and higher. Volcom’s unique creation featured a mesmerizing 7-meter long ledge made entirely out of ice blocks, challenging the riders with its slippery surface. And not to be outdone, Red Bull showcased an exhilarating pool for skaters to conquer before introducing the grand finale—a floating rail where the most jaw-dropping tricks of the finals were executed.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us for this epic celebration. Special shout-out to the extraordinary talent of the riders who showcased their skills and fearlessly pushed the boundaries of what’s possible on a skateboard. Among them were Jake Wooten, Cody Lockwood, Angelo Caro, Nassim Guammaz, Tim Zom, Jason Lijnzaat, Wouter de Jong, Tijmen Overbeek, Douwe Macare, Djai Marchena, Tim Aguilar, Diego Broest, and Julian Jeang-Agliaridi.

Relive the excitement, witness the jaw-dropping tricks, and immerse yourself in the unforgettable atmosphere of Pier Parade 2023. Hit that play button and experience the thrill of skateboarding at its finest! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for more incredible skateboarding content. Let’s keep the skateboarding spirit alive!

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