Cesar Bijnens’s “Hot Theory” Part

One year after the cold one we are coming back with some hotness! Our local hero from Brussels in all his glory for your viewing pleasure mostly filmed during last summer! Enjoy! A video By Philippe Mottet. Additional filming by…

Halder Hibernation

Zalig Kerstmis van de Haldercrew. Hallaar is onskatebaar, maar we trokken onze plan en hebben ons geamuseerd in andere (indoor) parken.

RAION Concrete Series 2023: Andenne Arena

RAION presents: Concrete Series 2023! Series of 4 events dedicated to celebrating skateboarding. First stop: Andenne Arena. Beautiful day with beautiful people! Thank you Andenne. Heavy skateboarding going’ down, with an international podium. Big love to all who joined us,…


In the summer of 1997 two groups of Antwerp skater kids who frequented the KNS (the main skate spot of Antwerp, Belgium) started to skate together. By the spring of 1998 these two groups of kids had become one single…